Virtual Surveyor empowers collaborative work by helping you avoid editing conflicts by offering the View Only Mode. When working in a shared storage space, if a project is open on another device, you are unable to make any edits to the project. While you cannot edit the project in the View Only mode (as the interface is partially disabled), it is still possible to work within the project. 


Open a Project in View Only Mode

When you open a project file that somebody else has already opened, a message in the title bar informs you that the project is in the View Only mode.

Available Features in View Only Mode

In the View Only mode you can: 

  • Access the Analysis Taband use Measurement Tools and Terrain Lenses. 
    • The measurement items you add in the View Only mode are not saved to the project file.

  • Use the Project View to enable or disable Project Items.
    • You are not able to manage layers or delete Project Items. 
  • Switch from one Terrain State to another if the project contains multiple Terrain States. 
  • Access the View Tabicon to switch between 2D and 3D views and use Position and Flight features. 
    • It is not possible to create a new position for Fly Throughs or use the Material Editor.


Summary Notes and Tips

  • If your company has a team Dropbox account or any other collaborative storing space, multiple people can access the same project simultaneously. 
  • Only one person can edit the project at a time. 
  • If the project is currently opened by another user, the title bar displays "View Only: Locked by ..." and you cannot access edit features. 
    • The message shows which person has the project open so you can ask them to close it if you need to make edits to the project.
  • To make edits to the project, you need to close out of the View Only mode and make sure no one else is in the project file before you open it again.