A profile gives you a vertical section of your elevation model along a line. This article teaches you how to draw a profile on your drone data.

The Profile tool is available in the Drawing group of the ANALYSIS tab.

Quick Usage Guide

  1. Go to the ANALYSIS tab, 
  2. Enable the Profile tool in the Drawing group.
  3. Left-click in the Viewport to add profile vertices.
  4. Right-click to complete the profile.
  5. The Profile View automatically opens and displays the elevation profile.

When to Use the Draw Profile Feature 

  • Monitor the progress of your construction site by comparing a drone survey to the design. You can then copy the profile view and paste it to illustrate your construction site progress report.
  • Check the elevation profile on your drone data. For example, the profiles can be use to analyze haul road sections or banking slopes.

  • Verify the base surface under a stockpile.