When you have multiple users in your My Virtual Surveyor portal, you can assign each user a role. Each user role grants different functionality in the portal. A Company Admin can manage subscriptions and users, while a User Admin can only manage users. A normal User can only run the Virtual Surveyor desktop software.

This article covers the user roles in detail and describes how a user role can be changed.


User Rights

The following table gives an overview of what a user can do depending on their role.


ActionUser roles
Company AdminUser AdminUser
Run Virtual Surveyor desktop software
Invite users to the account
Assign users to the license
Manage subscriptions

Update payment method

Access invoices

Change billing emails

Change a Role

  1. Go to the Subscription tab in your My Virtual Surveyor portal if you are a Company Admin or User Admin.
  2. Click on the colored button that is present with each user.
  3. Then click on the role you want to set for this user.
  4. A pop-up window appears that summarizes the actions for the selected user role.
  5. Click OK to confirm.
  6. The role of the company member is changed and the button color and acronym are updated.

Role Locked

A lock appears when you cannot change a role. 

  • A Company Admin can change the role of all users, including other Company Admins. 
  • A User Admin can only change the role of another User Admin and a normal User, but not the role of a Company Admin. 
  • You cannot change your own role. 

Company Admin Receiving Billing Notifications

A Company Admin cannot change the role of another Company Admin who is set to receive billing notifications. First update the billing email in the Company tab before changing the user role.

Subscription Through a Dealer

When you have purchased a subscription through a dealer you can only be a User Admin or a User. Reach out to your dealer if none of the users in your company is a User Admin. With a User Admin set, you will be able to manage all the users for your company.