The Selection Box displays relevant information about the selected project item. The information depends on the Project Item type and can be copied to the clipboard.

The Selection Box also exposes basic query tools. You can select all the items of your project at once and when you have multiple items selected, you can refine your initial selection to a Project Item type.


Item Properties

Properties are displayed in the selection box depending on the selected Project Item. You can see some examples of what the selection box can display below.

Copy the information to the clipboard with the icon in the upper right corner. The copy icon is only available when a single item is selected. You can paste the information from the Selection Box into Excel where you can make a nice table for your report.

Info! Explore the Export tab when you need to export information for multiple items at once.

Basic Queries

The Selection Box displays Select All when no project items are selected. Clicking Select All selects all the Project Items (even when they are not visible in the Viewport). The Selection Box then displays a summary of all your Project Items.

You can click on any item type in the summary to further refine the selection to that particular type (Select by Type). This also works when you have selected multiple items through the Viewport or the Project View.

Use Cases of the Selection Box

Bring all terrains and Terrain Modifiers to a single layer:

  1. Start with Select All.
  2. Refine your selection by clicking on the Terrain Modifier type.
  3. Right-click on any Terrain Modifier in the Project View.
  4. Then use Move to layer to move all the Terrain Modifiers to the layer with the Elevation Terrain.

Annotate all parcels with their 2D Area property:

  1. Start with Select All.
  2. Refine your selection by clicking on the Boundary type.
  3. Go to Tools.
  4. Check Annotate 2D Area.
  5. This will annotate all the selected parcels in a single operation.