In the backstage view you find the commands that allow you to do things to your Virtual Surveyor project while the main view contains the set of tools for working in a Virtual Surveyor project.

The backstage view shows automatically when you startup the application. You can also launch the backstage view when you are in the main view by pressing FILE or the Alt+F shortcut.

You can go back to the main view by pressing the arrow in the upper left corner or the Esc key.

You will find the following commands in the backstage view:

NewThe New pane allows you to create a new project.Ctrl+N
OpenThe Open pane lists your 50 most recent project files. Click on an item to open that project. You can also choose to navigate to a local or Dropbox location. In the Dropbox section, you can manage the connection to your Dropbox account and access projects shared with you. The local pane shows a browse button at the bottom that allows you to navigate to any local .vspx project file.Ctrl+O
SaveClick Save if you want to save your project to the current .vspx file. After clicking you automatically go back to the main view.Ctrl+S
Save AsClick Save As if you want to save your project to a new .vspx file.
CloseClick here to Close your project.-
ActivateClick Activate if you want to login to the application (with your Virtual Surveyor ID), get information about your plan, license status and version or set specific network proxy settings. The application will show this panel automatically when there is an issue with your license.-
ExitClick here to Exit the Virtual Surveyor application. -