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Your stockpiles are not just piles of stuff, but consist of different valuable materials! The Material Editor allows you to manage your stockpiles beyond just labels and descriptors. With the Material Editor you can now assign your Stock Pile items to material types. Material types can also be set to have a density and value per unit. This allows you to easily quantify your stockpiles true monetary value without performing a calculation outside of Virtual Surveyor. Export your data to a PDF report as well!

Material Editor can be found in the View tab, or as a quick button in the Status Bar. You want to setup your materials before defining your piles. The Template for the materials can also be saved to be used in future projects

Quick Usage Guide

  1. Enable The Material Editor.
  2. Set the Undefined Material Color.
  3. Set the Currency Symbol.
  4. Enter a material by adding the Name, Density, Value, and color.
  5. Repeat step 4 to create a catalog of all of your material types.


The Material Editor is the central menu within Virtual Surveyor to manage your stockpile material types, and associated information. It is a key component of creating intelligent material types that can calculate tonnage, pile value, and be exported to automatic PDF reports. 

  • Undefined Material Color - Use for cases where stocks may be composed of unknown material, or non revenue generating materials (sludge, waste, etc.). Any calculated stockpile that is not defined a material will be set to Undefined. 
  • Currency Symbol - Simply type in your currency symbol or abbreviation to have it designated in the program or PDF report. This will be applied to all materials that have the Value enabled. For example: for US Dollars you can type USD or $.
  • Add Material - Click to add a new material.
  • Name - Name of your material type.
  • Density - Click box to enable. Density of your material per cubic unit. If your data Display Units are in metric, the density will be in cubic tons, while in imperial, they would be in cubic yards.
  • Value - Click box to enable. Value should be the value of your stock / aggregate per measurement unit. For instance the value of Sand in the image is 1.25 Euros per ton. Your value for the whole pile will be calculated using this input, the density, and the volume. 
  • Color - The color the stock will be displayed in within Virtual Surveyor and any generated PDF report.

Tips and Tricks 

  • You can save your Materials as a Template to be used in other projects. Read more about saving to Templates here.
  • If you are trying to obtain cut / fill information over a site, make sure you are using the Cut / Fill Tools, instead of the material editor and stockpile tools.

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