You can access Virtual Surveyor settings through the backstage view. There, you will be able to fine tune Virtual Surveyor to get the most of it.

This panel displays two types of settings : Online and Device.  Online Settings are related to your Virtual Surveyor ID. Those settings will follow you regardless of the device your are working on. Device settings are related to the local device you are currently working on. In both cases, the settings are not associated to a specific project, choosing your preferences is then always a one time operation.

You will find the following commands in the Settings panel: 

OnlineTemplatesRename or delete your Virtual Surveyor templates.
LanguageChange the application language. After choosing your preferred language from the dropdown menu, you will need to restart Virtual Surveyor to apply the language.
Company LogoAdd your company logo. This logo will appears on your PDF volume report.
DeviceGraphicsChoose the appropriate graphic settings according to your computer performance. If you work with a regular laptop you can select "Favor Performance" to speed up the application. With a powerful GPU you can work with "Favor Graphics Quality" to enhance visual rendering.
ProxySet permissions for the Virtual Surveyor desktop app to connect to our online licensing and/or authentication systems.