To edit, remove, or use some Project Items, you need to select them first. There are multiple ways to select Project Items in Virtual Surveyor.

This article shows the 6 ways to select items in your project:

Click Item(s)

In the Viewport or in the Project View, you can click on an item to select it. In addition, you can hold Ctrl and click on additional Project Items to include them in your selection. 

Hold Shift to select a range of items in the Project View.

Rectangle Select

Press and hold the Shift key and drag the cursor to select all items that intersect with the rectangle that appears.

Area Select 

You can enable the Area Select tool in the Home tab. 

  • Within the Viewport, use left-click to draw an area around the items you want to select. 
  • Right-click to complete the selection.

Select Within

When a boundary is selected, go to the TOOLS for Boundary tab and click on Select Within to select all the Project Items within that boundary.

Layer Selection

Click on the layer name in the Project View to quickly select all project items in that layer.

Selection Box

The Selection Box exposes basic query tools. 

  • Clicking Select All, selects all the Project Items (even when they are not visible in the Viewport). 
  • The Selection Box then displays a summary of all your Project Items. 

  • You can click on any item type in the summary to further refine the current selection to a particular type.