The Settings allow you to set preferred Project, User, and Device settings for working in Virtual Surveyor. You can access these settings in the Backstage View (File > Settings and File > Project Settings).

Project - settings that are stored with your .vspx project file. These settings are independent from the User and Device settings and follow your project on any device you work from. 

User - settings that are stored with your Virtual Surveyor ID in the cloud; these settings follow you on any device you work from. 

Device - settings that are only related to the local device/computer you are working from. 


Project Settings

  • Project Name
    • You can use this setting to change the Project Name that shows up on an exported PDF file; this setting will not change the name of your .vspx file.
  • Display Units
    • Metric
    • Imperial (United States)
    • Imperial (International)
  • Volume Unit (only available if using Imperial Display Units)
    • Yards3 or Feet3
  • Slope Unit
    • Percentage or degrees

User Settings


General settings allow you to change the following:

  • Language
    • Virtual Surveyor supports 8 languages
  • Export Folder 
    • Last used folder
      • This setting will open the last folder location you used to export your survey, profiles, stockpiles, cut/fill, etc.
    • Project folder
      • This setting will open the folder that your project's .vspx file is saved in when exporting your survey, profiles, stockpiles, cut/fill, etc.


From here, you can rename or delete templates from the User settings. Read our Project Templates article to learn more.

You can add your company logo to Virtual Surveyor. The logo you add here will appear on your exported stockpile PDF reports.

  • The following image formats are supported: 
    • .jpg or .jpeg
    • .png
    • .gif
    • .bmp
    • .tif or .tiff


Device Settings


Virtual Surveyor will automatically recognize and use the highest performing GPU on your device. 

You can use the slider to emphasize whether you want to optimize the software for better performance (which lessens graphical quality) or to have better graphics (impacts your computer's performance), or just leave it at a balanced setting.  



Virtual Surveyor uses the system settings by default. If you use an http proxy, be sure to fill in all fields. Please note however, you'll need to leave the Username and Password fields empty when:

  • no credentials are required by the proxy, or
  • the proxy requires the Windows credentials of the user.

If you are having problems with authenticating and licensing, we recommend you contact your company IT to set up Whitelisting, Firewalls, and Proxy Servers for Virtual Surveyor to properly run in an IT secured environment.