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Valley Mountain Peak

The Calculate Volume button is disabled?  Where can I find the measurement? How is the volume calculated? These are common questions and this article explains the basics so that you can start with calculating volumes.

Required input

Calculate Volume requires a surface item as input: 

  1. Select a surface
  2. The Calculate Volume button becomes enabled
  3. You can calculate the volume by clicking on the button.

You need to know that:

  • When no surface item is selected, the Calculate Volume button is disabled.
  • You can also select multiple surfaces and volumes will be calculated for each surface separately.

Calculating the volume

The volume calculation will be done between the current terrain and the selected surface. 

  • Current terrain means the elevation terrain and the active terrain modifiers (for example after removing a conveyor) that are applied on top of the terrain.
  • All available data points will be used in the calculation.
  • The volume measurement will become available under the project view (lower left corner) when the surface is selected.

Create a surface

There are several techniques to create a surface for use in volume calculations:

  • Using the Quick Surface Tool.
  • Triangulate a set of points and lines.
  • Import an existing surface from an external CAD or GIS file.

The following video demonstrates a number of use cases where the Quick Surface Tool is used to calculate a volume. Make sure to watch it until the very end to see a more advanced workflow.