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Valley Ridge Peak

Quarry survey specifications often require breaklines survey. This article will guide you to create a lightweight line survey from your drone data. Of course it's possible to export that line survey as most commonly used CAD formats and use it in a mining and quarrying software. 


  1. Import your drone survey.
  2. Create survey items (breaklines, points, point grids...).
  3. Organize your survey with layers and colors.
  4. Export the line survey.

Import data

Create your project and Drag and drop your drone survey dataset (Orthophoto + DSM) into the project view.

Survey items

Like a surveyor in the field, measure breaklines and points.

Use the Polyline tool from the HOME tab to add breaklines. Peak user can activate the Guided Breakline Tool to make the line selection easier and quicker. 

To complete your survey, you can add some points. Points can be drawn thanks to the Point tool available in the HOME tab. You can also use the Triangular and Rectangular point grid to add multiple points in one click within a boundary. 

Organize your survey

You can use the layer manager to give a structure to your project. Create and manage layers in the project view. You can also rename and renumber project items or move those from a layer to another. For example, you can create layers to group crest, top of bank, bottom of bank, etc.

Use the styling options in the HOME tab to set the shape, the size and the color of your survey items. 

Survey export

To use your survey in a mining or quarrying software, export it as a .dxf, .xml or .shp file. The Export Survey tool is available in the EXPORT tab. Export feature works as "what you see is what you get". The layers structure just as project items naming will follow the export.

Tips & tricks

  • Even if a TIN surface is not required in your final deliverable, it may be interesting to generate it with Virtual Surveyor. It will allow you to check your line survey and validate the quality of your model. Enable all your survey items and click on Triangulate All to generate the surface. Displaying contour lines may also help you to assess your survey.