Applicable plans
Valley Ridge Peak

Virtual Surveyor includes triangulation tools that allow the user to create surface from enabled survey items. Triangulate All button appears in the HOME tab by default. If one or several boundaries are selected, this button turns into Triangulate Within and the triangulation extends only within the selected boundary. The Triangulate Within button is also available in the Create group of the TOOLS tab.

Before using those tools, it is essential to draw and enable the survey items that define the surface topography like points, breaklines, boundaries... Triangulate All is used when you want to create a surface item over the entire extent of your drone survey. Use Triangulate Within when you want to create a surface item over a specific area surrounded by a boundary.

Quick Guide

  1. Make sure all relevant survey items are active.
  2. Select the boundary if you want to triangulate a specific area [optional].
  3. Click on Triangulate All / Within.
  4. The surface item is created.


Tips and Tricks

  • The triangulation tool creates a surface from all visible items in the viewport. All survey points, line vertices and boundary vertices are used to set the surface vertices.
  • You can select multiple boundaries before launching the process to triangulate multiple areas at the same time. Press Ctrl to allow multiple selection.