You can clip a DSM (Elevation Terrain) and Orthophoto (Image Terrain) to the size and shape of your choice by creating a Boundary around the area of your dataset that you would like to keep. Here, we'll show you how to clip off the outer portions of your dataset that often don't look nice from the photogrammetry process. 


Quick Usage Guide

  1. Draw a boundary around the area of the DSM/Orthophoto you would like to keep.
  2. Select both the DSM/Orthophoto and the boundary by holding Ctrl and left-clicking on each item in the Project View.
  3. Go to the SELECTION TOOLS tab.
  4. Click Clip.
  5. The portion of the Orthophoto/DSM that is outside of the boundary is clipped out.

Clipping your DSM and Orthophoto 

The Clip tool appears in the TOOLS tab for specific project item(s) you have selected, and can be used in the following situations: 

  • Clip the outside parts of the project area to create a cleaner presentation of the project site by selecting the DSM and Orthophoto items within a Boundary.

Clipping the DSM and Orthophoto of a low elevation pond

Clipping the DSM and Orthophoto of a mine

Tips & Tricks

  • The clipped portion of your DSM and Orthophoto are only hidden from view. They are not deleted and can be unclipped at any time by selecting them in the Project View, going to the TOOLS tab, and clicking on Unclip.
  • It is possible to Clip both the DSM and Orthophoto simultaneously when both are selected along with a Boundary item.
  • Take your clipped DSM or Orthophoto as an Exported Image and Export the Elevation for work in GIS systems.
  • Use the Clip button to merge overlapping DSMs and Orthophotos and create mosaics.