Different projects may require the same layer structure and material library. It can also be a user preference to always work with the same project setup. Virtual Surveyor allows you to save a layer's structure and materials as a template and reuse it when creating new projects. 

Create a Template

First, you need to create or open a project that contains the layer structure and/or the materials you would like to save.

  1. Go to File (via the Backstage View).
  2. Click Save As Template.
  3. Give a name to your template.
  4. Click Confirm to save it.

Use a Template

Choose the appropriate template in the dropdown menu when you are creating a new project. Click Create Project to create a new Virtual Surveyor project that contains the template layer's structure and/or materials.

Manage Templates

To manage your templates, go to the Settings panel in the Backstage View (File > Settings > Templates). In the template tab, you can rename or delete a selected template. 

<Blank> Template

If you want to start your project from scratch without any predefined layer or material, use the <Blank> empty template. It is not possible to rename or delete the <Blank> template in the settings.


Tips and tricks 

  • Your templates are stored with your Virtual Surveyor ID and they will be available to you regardless of the device you work from.
  • It is not possible to apply a template to an existing project. You can only use a template when you create the project.