When a Stockpile item is selected, the SELECTION - TOOLS menu becomes available. The TOOLS menu contains tools that allow you to annotate, change the styling, or perform advanced functions on the selected Stockpile item(s). The menu dynamically adjusts which tools are available, depending on your project item you've selected.

Stockpile Selection

Annotate Group

NameDisplays the Stockpile item's Descriptor & Number over the Stockpile in the Viewport.
VolumeDisplays the calculated net volume amount over the Stockpile item in the Viewport. Volume is displayed in cubic meters or cubic yards, depending on the project's set units.
LabelAllows you to change the Stockpile Label color.
SizeAllows you to change the Stockpile Label size.

Create Group

Extract Boundary Creates a Boundary item from the outside edge of your Stockpile item.

Result: Boundary
Extract SurfaceExtracts and creates a Surfacae item from your Stockpile item. The extracted Surface is a copy of the surface being used to measure your volume.

Result: Surface

Stockpile Group



MaterialContains a dropdown menu of available materials you can assign to a stockpile. Material options consist of created materials from your Material Editor.
Material EditorEnables the Material Editor workspace. Used for defining stockpiles.