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Valley Ridge Peak

Virtual Surveyor includes Calculate Volume tool that allows the user to easily measure quantities from his drone surveys. Calculate Volume button appears in the TOOLS tab and only works on selected surface items.

The final outputs of Calculate Volume is a volume item along with quantities display in the volume box

Quick Guide

  1. Select a surface.
  2. Go to TOOLS tab, the Calculate Volume button becomes enabled in the Volumes group.
  3. You can calculate the volume by clicking on the button.
  4. A volume item is created in the viewport and the volume quantities are available in the volume box.


  • Quantity survey - stockpile volume calculation. As describe in the article, the tool is useful to assess stockpile quantities even when these pile are dumped within walls.

  • Mining survey - blasting estimation. If a design surface is available, use it to asses blasting volumes.

  • Basin retention capacity calculation. Model the maximum water level and use Calculate Volume to measure the retention capacity.

Tips and Tricks

  • The volume calculation will be done between the current terrain and the selected surface. 
    • Current terrain means the elevation terrain and the active terrain modifiers (for example after removing a conveyor) that are applied on top of the terrain.
    • All available data points will be used in the calculation.
  • The Calculate Volume output is a volume item. Yo can control its visualization settings through the TOOLS tab
  • You can also select multiple surfaces and volumes will be calculated for each surface separately.